THE RISE OF THE SECRET PROPERTY MARKET was published recently in The Telegraph, I feel it goes into detail about how valuable property finders are now in today’s market.

The majority of clients from the South of the country are used to the phase property finder but in the North of the country this is less common and in The Lake District it is even less heard of. I opened Lake District Relocation because i knew just how valuable it would be to clients looking for homes in the area to have somebody who knew the area, was embedded in the local property market and who was able to offer exclusive access to some of the most desirable homes in the area.

The difference with myself is that i am not afraid to get my feet muddy and get out there to find the right homes for my clients be it a 3 bed detached to a 10-bed lake frontage home at £10million pounds. So far this has served me well with over 50% of the homes found by myself being completely off-market meaning we had exclusive access to these homes.

I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as i did.

Read the link below:


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